Evan Carson

Evan Carson is the President and Founder of the Lehigh Valley, Scranton, and Bucks County Off Leash K9 Training locations.  He also owns the Salt Lake City and Northern Utah locations, and is a trainer with Off Leash K9.  Evan started as a client nine years ago with his Dogo Argentino, Capone. He has always had a profound love of dogs, and has never lived without them. He loved training and working with his own dogs, and had no problem doing so until Capone.

Capone had some pretty serious reactivity issues with other dogs, which led Evan to find Off Leash K9 Training and Nick White in 2011. Three weeks into private lessons Capone was off leash, healing him in complete control around and past other dogs. From there he completed the basic program and then started advanced training with Capone and then started with his Springer Spaniel, Penny Lane. He was hooked!  The rest is history, as they say.

OLK9 literally “changed his life”. From that point on, Evan knew he wanted to work with dogs as a career. Over the next six years Evan worked tirelessly to achieve that goal and in May of 2017 his dream became a reality when he opened the Lehigh Valley OLK9 location in Allentown Pennsylvania. The Lehigh Valley location quickly expanded from one trainer to three by the end of their first year and in September he opened the Scranton location in PA. Since then Evan has grown the Lehigh Valley location as one of the most well-known, highest rated and most reviewed dog training companies in the state. Earlier last year, Evan opened up a new facility for his Scranton location in Peckville/Blakley Borough. His PA locations now employs six full time trainers, is still growing, and is currently hiring.

Evan took over the Salt Lake City and Northern Utah OLK9 locations in August of 2018. Later that year he opened the first OLK9 facility in Northern Utah in North Salt Lake and has plans to grow those locations as he has done in PA. Utah OLK9 currently employs two full time trainers.

During his downtime, Evan enjoys spending time with his family, including his wife and two daughters, and his two dogs, a 2-year-old German Shepherd, Arya, and Lucy, a Bulldog/Rat Terrier/ Staffordshire Terrier mix. He also enjoys being outdoors, hiking, personal defense training, dog training seminars, and working with Arya and Lucy to fine tune their obedience.

See some of his favorite board and train videos are here:

Murphy the Vizla
Murphy the Lab


Tyler’s love for animals developed while raising dairy cattle in southern Utah. While he lived on a ranch, there were many animals that called it home, including bunnies, chickens, goats, and of course, dogs. He had many dogs, but one Labrador Malinois mix really stood out. His name was Nugget and he was rescued from a shelter.  When Tyler’s family rescued him, he had very bad reactivity issues because of consistent abuse in his past.  Nugget’s reactivity was so unmanaged that he was eventually put back into a shelter due to multiple incidents, and he was never adopted again. Since that day Tyler has been on a quest to learn how to manage reactive and aggressive dogs. Before coming to Off Leash K9 Training, Tyler worked for a breeder in Spanish Fork, to both train and socialize puppies before sending them home with their new owner.

 Training puppies was obviously not Tyler’s true passion when it comes to training dogs, so he started working at Off Leash K9 Training to begin learning how to train reactive and aggressive dogs. Tyler believes that if you are consistent and willing to put in the work that there is no dog that is untrainable. He also believes there isn’t a dog that is more stubborn than he is, and he hasn’t found one yet with his training experience.

 Tyler is honored to work at Off Leash K9 Training, because it has led him to achieving some of his biggest goals in life. Every day Tyler is developing new behaviors which have led to consistency in the learning environment.  Tyler’s mission at Off Leash K9 Training is to develop clear communication between the owner and their dog. He believes the better your dog can understand you, and you them, not only will your dog reap the benefits of a happy and confident life, but also together as a family. 

  • BSA Eagle Scout
  • Certified Off Leash K9 Training Trainer
  • Certified, PetCPR+, First Aid and CPR

Cassandra Wagner

Cassie Wagner is the head trainer of the Off Leash K9 Training, Lehigh Valley & Scranton locations and the facility manager for the Lehigh Valley location in Allentown. She offers professional training that will strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Cassie feels that the most important aspects of dog training are trust, love, communication, and mental and physical exercise. After being a client of Off Leash K9 Training herself and seeing the life-changing results between her and her own dog she wants to help others achieve those same results as well. Her greatest joy is seeing the transformation between owner and dog from the first lesson to the last.

Cassie studied Wildlife Management & Conservation at Delaware Valley University and has a background working with a variety of animals including White-Tailed Deer, songbirds, owls, and hawks. She has worked at an array of places giving her a strong background in domesticated animals; including a vet’s office, a dog daycare & boarding facility, and a whole foods pet store. Although she is beyond passionate about wildlife, dogs have always held a special place in her heart and she found herself yearning for a lifelong career involving dogs. She is thrilled to be a part of the Off Leash K9 family and believes that this type of work is her true calling.

Cassie’s favorite pastime is hiking with her dogs. She currently has a German Shepherd named Nala and a Native American Indian Dog named Talcon. One of her life goals is to visit and hike at every state park in Pennsylvania. The great outdoors is her favorite place to be and also where she believes her and her dogs are happiest. She also enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, and listening to music.

Cassie wants to help you and your dog to succeed to the best of your ability and create a mutual relationship built on trust and respect. When dog and owner come together and understand one another it is a very beautiful thing.